All-in-One CRM For Colleges and Universities

Ynot enables you to automate portions of your Marketing and Admissions process without losing the feeling of a personal touch. Your Reps will love it! You’ll be able to power up your Admissions Rep Productivity. Do more with less. Find out how.

All-In-One Admissions and Marketing CRM for Higher Education
Best Pricing in the Industry!
Find out what's Included:

You will know exactly where your prospective student inquiries are coming from, and you’ll be able to start communicating with the prospect right away, even during the weekend, through automation.

You will be able to use Ynot technology to put them on a lead nurturing track where you can personalize all communications from text messages to emails to phone calls.


Lead Management

Know where 100% of your inquiries are coming from. Immediately start engaging with prospective students through text, email, and phone calls.

Grow Enrollments

Turn your small but mighty Admissions team into enrollment Superstars. Improve conversion rates and enroll more students from less.

Power Dialer

Speed to lead has never been easier. Reduce the time your Reps are spending chasing prospects. Have more meaningful conversations.

Christian Angel Almond

Executive Director at Florida Technical College

The Speed Dial feature allows us to connect with prospective students in less than 1 minute when they request information online. Eliminating that gap between requesting information and getting a phone call helps to increase contact rates on the initial outreach. The Ynot interface is easy to use from a rep perspective. The ability to set callback reminders is a big benefit also!

Track Every Inquiry, Contact, and Conversation

Ynot is your school’s central repository for lead management. All of your inquiries/leads automatically get entered into the system. Store all your prospective student’s details, call notes from discovery calls, text messages, and email conversations in one place so everyone on your team can quickly access them. Streamline every aspect of your student enrollment journey.

Built-in Reporting for Higher Education.

Get all types of reports built-in or create your own custom reports. Reports include: Lead tracking, Rep performance, daily activity, benchmarking, forecasting enrollments, and tracking other KPIs. Plus, reporting on your marketing campaigns and initiatives. Finally know what is working and what is not. Increase transparency and accountability.

Robust Admissions Automation – Power Up Your Admissions Productivity.

Never let inquiries slip through the cracks! Our system allows you to create an Enrollment process that reduces time-wasting tasks and helps your Admissions Reps know what to do at every moment. Turn mediocre Reps into Enrollment Superstars with the right set of Automation… and watch Admission Rep morale skyrocket and turnover go down. Find out how.

Maxwell Murray

Enrollment Strategic Marketing Leader

A lack of measurability in the recruiting call channel sparked my interest in YNOT? Now I can listen to recordings and review reports that increases our ability to reach prospects efficiently.

Your Technology Team Is Going to Love Ynot

Ynot is a cloud-based CRM, seamlessly integrates with your student information systems, and reduces the need for multiple systems since this is an all-in-one CRM solution for Higher Ed.

Calling and Call Tracking Right from the Contact Record

Grow Enrollments with an Affordable All-in-One Higher Ed CRM

Schedule a free demo to learn how you can transform your enrollment management.

Millions of leads flow through our system flawlessly

We have 100% up time. Check out why Colleges and Universities love Ynot.

Laurie Sparta

Director of Client Services

Ynot gives me the tools and resources I need to execute and track our client’s marketing campaigns through their source and call tracking abilities, to providing real time spends from third party integrations such as Adwords and Facebook. The ability to access all performance data in one place, allows me the time to focus on getting our clients the best outcomes.

Ynot Features Made Especially for Higher Ed

  • 1 Contact manager
  • 2 Lead management
  • 3 Automated lead assignment
  • 4 Automated lead advancement based on triggers
  • 5 Automated lead distribution
  • 6 Unlimited tracking phone numbers
  • 7 Unlimited leads and data
  • 8 Call recordings within the contact record
  • 9 Enrollment workflows and automation
  • 10 Email builder
  • 11 Email marketing
  • 12 Email blasts
  • 13 Drip email campaigns
  • 14 Drip text message campaigns
  • Daily activity calendar
  • 15 Speed-to-lead calling automation
  • 16 Speed-to-lead text messaging
  • 17 Follow-up automation for admissions
  • 18 Auto dialer / Power dialer
  • 19 Rep task management
  • 20 Reporting and analytics
  • 21 Forecasting pipeline
  • 22 Custom fields
  • 23 Contact center
  • 24 Outbound & inbound calling
  • Instant and 2-way SMS/MMS
  • 25 Dynamic FPIs
  • Third-party integrations
  • 26 2-way integrations with SIS in real-time
  • Easy implementation

All-In-One Admissions and Marketing CRM for Higher Best Pricing in the Industry! Fine Out What’s Included:


Great for Smaller Schools
$ 45 Monthly
  • Contact Manager
  • Lead Management
  • Auto Assignment Leads
  • Unlimited lead records and storage
  • Enrollment Workflows and Automation
  • Rep Task Management
  • Daily Activity Calendar
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Blasts
  • Unlimited tracking phone numbers
  • Dynamic FPIs
  • Basic Reporting
  • Reports and Analytics


Great for Medium Schools
$ 75 Monthly
  • Includes everything Basic
  • Email Builder
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Speed-to-Lead Calling Automation
  • Speed-to-Lead Text Messaging
  • Call Recordings
  • Power Dialer
  • Call Center Campaigns / Auto Pilot
  • 2-Way SMS/MMS
  • Custom Fields
  • Outbound & Inbound Calling
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Custom Reporting
Most Popular


Great for Large Schools
$ 120 Monthly
  • Includes everything from Basic and Professional
  • Forecasting Pipeline
  • On-going Managed Support
  • Additional customization
  • Custom Reports, Managed

Ynot’s Higher Ed CRM Will Help to Solve Your Biggest Enrollment Challenges

So, you can focus on what you do best, educating students. Ynot offers easy-to-use Marketing and Admissions automation allowing you to personalize each student’s enrollment experience, while offering consistent follow-up with less effort required by your team.

Have More Meaningful Conversations with Prospective Students

Save up to 40 hours per month per Admissions Rep by automating daily tasks leaving more time for meaningful conversations.

Unlimited Reports. Get Visibility for Immediate Decision Making

Get reports emailed to you automatically so you can gauge the health of your enrollment cycle with enough time to do something about it. Or run different reports custom created for Higher Education.

Communicate with Ease

Get Marketing Automation. Send texts (SMS/MMS), and emails with ease from one system. Send unlimited emails and text messages automatically, or one-by-one, or send out an email or text messaging blast to promote an upcoming event or as a reminder.

Speed To Lead

Our system allows your team to act like a Call Center with the turn of a switch. The system automatically dials the phone for your Reps and when the prospect picks up the phone, Ynot rings all of your Reps simultaneously and the first one who picks up the call, now owns the lead and starts the enrollment process with the prospect. Rep morale skyrockets and so do your conversion rates.

Reps will love Ynot

One of the biggest reasons why CRM’s fail is because of low adoption by Admissions. Your team is going to love working out of Ynot! Everything updates instantaneously and your Reps can do everything off one screen, saving them time and effort with repetitive tasks.

And, so much more!

The possibilities are endless! Contact us today to find out how Ynot can help enhance your enrollment experience and productivity.


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