Renee Seltzer is Ynot’s VP of Sales and Marketing.  She has spent over 17 years in Higher Education marketing and over 21 years in all aspects of Marketing. She has worked on the school-side, worked with various OPM’s and on the agency side and affiliate

marketing side. She now is the VP of Marketing and Sales for Ynot CRM.

Her passion and focus has always been on growing enrollments, improving yield, and lowering the cost-per-start by serving students. It’s through her empathy and Higher Ed marketing experience, she is able to create better enrollment experiences and the output of this is lower cost-per-starts for colleges and universities.

You will not find a marketer with a larger breathe of experience in all aspects of digital marketing for colleges and universities.

Outside of higher ed, Renee has worked with a usability testing start-up in San Francisco, massive lead generation websites in healthcare, and various other industries including nutrition advocacy, travel, and SaaS. Renee is a cross-functional Marketing Executive with extensive experience crafting messaging, branding, storytelling, and all aspects of digital marketing from lead nurturing to qualitative research including student journey mapping and secret shopping.

She has created campaigns allowing colleges and universities to create authentic connections with students using the channels that most resonate with students including social media, email, SMS/MMS, call campaigns, influencer marketing, videos, and storytelling.

Not only will you receive access to a powerful CRM made specifically for Higher Education, but you will also receive support from Renee, Randy Williams, Hayden Campbell, and Anthony Rolon, our Founder, and CEO.




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-Renee Seltzer

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