How Ynot Helps Schools Grow Enrollments and Improve Yield

Higher Ed Marketing and Enrollment Tips Below Ynot’s Higher Ed CRM Will Help to Solve Your Biggest Enrollment Challenges So, you can focus on what you do best, educating students. Ynot offers easy-to-use Marketing and Admissions automation allowing you to personalize each student’s enrollment experience while offering consistent follow-up with less effort required by your team. Check out the video below to get some amazing […]

How to Grow College Enrollments with Automation and a Robust Higher Ed CRM

Higher Ed CRM with Marketing Automation Grows Enrollments

How Ynot Helps Schools Grow Enrollments and Improve Yield   Interested in Learning More about Ynot? Check out the video to get some amazing tips on how to grow more enrollments. Keep reading below to better understand the power of Marketing and Enrollment Automation and what it can do for your school.  As a college, […]

Why Colleges Need to Use MMS as a part of their Enrollment Strategy

Find Out Why Your College Needs to Consider Using MMS/SMS as a part of its Enrollment Strategy  The recent data around the effectiveness of SMS/MMS marketing compared to email marketing is extrodinary. Recent research shows that mobile messaging drives 10x more revenue than email per message and email marketing performance has dropped 47% over the […]

Why Colleges Need to Rethink their Enrollment Strategy

We know Colleges are the cornerstone of our college affordability issue, so why are some Colleges and Community Colleges struggling with enrollments?  Get tons of College Enrollment Strategy Tips and Insights in this article. With Covid-19 we can only assume declining state funding will continue, coupled with increased competition from state schools, private colleges, and […]

12 Things to Do Now to Enroll More Students

12 Things to Do Now to Enroll More Students Attention Colleges and Universities:   What Happens to the 95%+ of Your Website Traffic that Doesn’t Convert? Where do they go? And, How to Fix it.  I’ve been in Higher Ed Marketing for 20 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes over that time.  One […]