Why Colleges Need to Use MMS as a part of their Enrollment Strategy

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Find Out Why Your College Needs to Consider Using MMS/SMS as a part of its Enrollment Strategy 

The recent data around the effectiveness of SMS/MMS marketing compared to email marketing is extrodinary. Recent research shows that mobile messaging drives 10x more revenue than email per message and email marketing performance has dropped 47% over the past 5 years! When you think about it, it seems to make sense though. Most inboxes are flooded with email campaigns and marketing material that is often overlooked and ignored. However, a text message is different.

Our main way of communicating with friends and family is often by text. But, surprisingly, many colleges, universities, and boot camps are not using text messages as a communication tool.

For many colleges, their website experiences can be so fragmented. If you review your website analytics, you may see that so many people go down completely different paths.  Why not collect’s someone information and then put them on an email and text message drip campaign where you control the experience, the messaging, and the enrollment process? Keep reading to find out how.

Check out this video we created to help show you the possibilities with MMS. MMS is where you send images or videos text messages and not just text messages. Have you ever sent a silly gif? If so, then you’ve sent an MMS and didn’t know what it was called.  When you send an MMS, you can also include a text message along with your video to communicate why he or she should watch the video and/or what action he or she should take after watching the video.

I’ve heard from many colleges that they feel sending text messages can feel spammy. There’s some good news on that front: It’s not!

In fact, SMS is the most preferred way for billions to communicate. Yes, your students actually prefer you to communicate via text message than with any channel. They prefer it, so let’s discuss how to do it!


How Does MMS & SMS Look on Mobile Devices? 

Do you want to see MMS in action? Check out these screenshots to see how it looks on someone’s phone. I sent these videos to myself and took some screenshots. You can send a mixture of text messages and videos. These videos can feature your campus tour, or what makes your university special. You can put people on a text message drip campaign, which allows you to control the conversation and send your prospective students communications about enrolling.

You can run the following types of SMS/MMS Campaigns:

  • Brand building (what makes your campus or school special?)
  • Automatic reminders (reduce your no-shows!!)
  • Campus activity notifications
  • Automated enrollment documentation that needs to be completed including Financial aid
  • Appointment confirmation and follow-p
  • Campus event notification and invitations
  • Retention campaigns
  • Re-enrollment campaigns
  • Share student testimonials
  • Financial aid information
  • Answer questions
  • Referral requests
  • Send promotions and scholarship information
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Congratulate students on achievements and exam completions
  • Share student and staff success stories
  • Share hiring or graduate success stories
  • Share College or University achievements
  • the list can go on and on


SMS/ MMS Reminder Strategy 

Implementing a simple SMS or MMS reminder strategy can increase those show-up rates significantly…helping more prospective students make their appointments and therefore increasing their likelihood of becoming your next enrollment.

What if you sent her an emotional text message that helps solidify why they should show up for her scheduled time? Or a video introduction from their Admissions Rep that tells her a little bit of what they will cover on their call today. Would that be compelling?  Does it also sound like a lot of work?

It doesn’t have to be with Ynot! You can create these assets once and then Ynot will send these communications out for you based on a set of rules you provide.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures.


Acquire, Nurture, and Engage


All-in-One CRM For Colleges and Universities

Why should the big schools with big budgets have all the advantages? Your college can be nimble, and scrappy. You can do big things with small budgets.

Ynot enables you to automate portions of your Marketing and Admissions process without losing the feeling of a personal touch. Your Reps will love it! You’ll be able to power up your Admissions Rep Productivity. Do more with less. Find out how.

Schedule a Demo directly on my calendar. Or, watch this 1-minute video to find out what the demo will cover.

Why You Want to Invest in Marketing Automation or Improve What You Have

  • Relevant emails delivered through marketing automation drive 18 times more revenue than email blasts. With Ynot can do both! -Jupiter Research


  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. –Forrester Research


  • Nurtured leads produce, on average, 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. –Demand Gen Report


Schedule a Demo directly on my calendar. Or, watch this 1-minute video to find out what the demo will cover.


What else does Ynot do? 



And, all of this 



Ynot CRM for Higher Education Services


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Renee Seltzer

Renee Seltzer

Renee Seltzer has spent over 20 years in Higher Education. She has worked on the school-side, worked with various OPM’s and on the agency side and affiliate marketing side. She is now the VP of Marketing and Sales for Ynot CRM. You will not find a marketer with a larger breadth of experience in digital marketing for colleges and universities. Outside of higher ed, Renee has worked with a usability testing start-up in San Francisco, massive lead generation websites in healthcare, and various other industries, including nutrition advocacy, travel, and SaaS. Renee is a cross-functional Marketing Executive with extensive experience crafting messaging, branding, storytelling, and digital marketing from lead nurturing to qualitative research, including student journey mapping and secret shopping. She has created campaigns allowing colleges and universities to develop authentic connections with students using the channels that most resonate with students, including social media, email, SMS/MMS, call campaigns, influencer marketing, videos, and storytelling.

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