How Ynot Helps Grow Enrollments and Improve Yield.

Ynot is a next-generation cloud-based CRM solution specifically designed for Higher Education. It allows you to develop better relationships with your prospective students and grow enrollments through a consistent set of personalized communications, including emails, text messages, and calls.

Now, is the time to improve your enrollment yield; as so many colleges and universities are facing severe budget challenges, operating challenges, and market uncertainties.


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Ynot’s Higher Ed CRM Will Help to Solve Your Biggest Enrollment Challenges

So, you can focus on what you do best, educating students. Ynot offers easy-to-use Marketing and Admissions automation allowing you to personalize each student’s enrollment experience while offering consistent follow-up with less effort required by your team.


What Are Your Goals?

Do you need to make an impact on your next start? Or improve retention? Find out you can use Ynot’s technology to convert more of your inquiries/ leads into starts. And, how you can impact your retention numbers too. Let’s schedule a conversation to discuss how Ynot can help you.

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Use Ynot on New Leads, Retention, Reduce Attrition, and Summer Melt! Find out how.

What would it look like if you can convert an extra 5% or more from the leads you’ve already given up on?


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